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Pacific Metal Trading Co. is a famously known Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of Alloy Steel Washers. We are offering a complete comprehensive range of Washers with high quality of materials. These Washers are made according to the national and international standards; thus, our all range of Washers get compatibility in the adverse atmosphere. The range of these Alloy Steel Washers is known for its efficient and reliable services. We are the leading manufacturer and known for our expertise in making out flawless products, designed to indubitably that satisfy our customer’s requirements. 

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To ensure smooth and effective operation we have divided our manufacturing unit into various sections for better productivity. Our offered these range of Washers is well known for their features such as high tensile strength, durability, durability, corrosion resistance and perfect finish. We offer these high qualities of Alloy Steel Washers in varied specifications, standards, designations and custom dimensions as well.

The prominent properties of this high quality of Alloy Washers meet the most stringent requirements of any application. These Alloy Steel Washers are used in several applications, we offer these Washers with various treated surface and with machining allowances. These Alloy Steel Washers is made up of the combination of the iron base. These Washers also offer in the tempered and quenched state. Moreover, these Washers offers good service in the harsh acidic environments such as phosphoric acids, nitric acids, sulfuric acids even in the wet chlorine environments as well.

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Pacific Metal Trading Co. has always adhered to international quality standards during production. We, Pacific Metal Trading Co. are manufacturing only the excellent quality of Alloy Steel Washers with premium quality of raw materials and by taking the advice of our team members. Our team members are very much skilled and have vast knowledge. We always consider the customer demand and manufacturing the products that will satisfy customer needs. Our experts offered continuous efforts to enhance material technology and machines to fabricate the best quality of Washers. Our QA experts are also performing numerous tests on the finalized product before delivery. And using standard packaging material for packing the product Alloy Steel Washers.

Other Types of Alloy Steel Products are: 

What are the uses of Alloy Steel Washers?

Alloy Steel Star Washers is utilized in a variety of industries and is highly efficacious, particularly in the oil, gas & petrochemical industry, where liquids and gasses are often stored at higher temperatures.

What are the Benefits of Alloy Steel Washers?

Alloy Washers are a good choice for a wide range of industries & high-strength alloy is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It also has good mechanical and fabricability characteristics. It has several positive properties, including corrosion resistance and low friction. Typically, it is used in plumbing, pipes, and musical instruments.

What are the common applications for Alloy Steel Washers?

Alloy Steel Washers are commonly used in applications that require high strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion & wear. They are often used in the aerospace, automotive, construction, & oil and gas industries, as well as in heavy machinery, power generation equipment, & other industrial applications. Alloy Washers are also used in applications requiring high-temperature resistance, such as boilers, heat exchangers, & other high-temperature equipment.

Alloy steel Washers

alloy steel washers
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    Specifications : ASTM A193 / ASME SA193
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    Standards : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
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    Size : M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes
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    Length : 3 mm to 200 mm
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    From : Hot Forged and Cold Forged
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    Type : Fender Washer, Dome Plain Washer, Wave Washer, Bevel Washer, External Tooth Lock, Star Washer, Plain Washer, Lock Washer, Countersunk Washer, Internal Tooth Lock, Flat Washer - SAE Flat Washer - U Split Lock Washer, Finishing Washer, Round-Mall Washer, Hillside Washer, Flat Washer, Ogee Washer, Dock Washer, Belleville Washer, Square Washer, Bonded Sealing Washer, Conical Washer

Types of Alloy steel Washers

Carbon Steel Plain Washers

Plain Washers

Alloy Steel B7M Plain Washer, Cr-Mo B16 Plain Washers Exporter, Alloy Steel 2 Plain Washers Supplier, Cr-Mo 2HM Plain Washers Stockist, Alloy Steel 2H Plain Washer, Cr-Mo Gr6 Plain Washers, Chromium Molybdenum GrB7 Plain Washers, CrMo B7M Plain Washers in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel Spring Washers

Spring Washers

Alloy Steel GrB7 Spring Washer, Cr-Mo B7M Spring Washers Exporter, Alloy Steel B6 Spring Washers Supplier, Chromium Moly Steel B7 Spring Washers Stockist, Alloy Steel B7M Spring Washer, Alloy Steel B16 Spring Washers, Chromium Molybdenum 2HM Spring Washers, CrMo 2H Spring Washers in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel Square Washers

Square Washers

Alloy Steel B7M Square Washer, Cr-Mo B16 Square Washers Exporter, Alloy Steel 2 Square Washers Supplier, Cr-Mo 2HM Square Washers Stockist, Alloy Steel 2H Square Washer, Cr-Mo Gr6 Square Washers, Chromium Molybdenum GrB7 Square Washers, CrMo B7M Square Washers in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel Star Washers

Star Washers

Alloy Steel B7M Star Washer, Chromium Moly Steel Gr.B Star Washers Exporter, Alloy Steel Gr C Star Washers Supplier, Cr-Mo Grade B Star Washers Stockist, Alloy Steel Gr.C Star Washer, Cr-Mo Gr A Star Washers, Chromium Molybdenum Grade C Star Washers, CrMo Gr.A Star Washers in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel Star Washers

Fender Washers

Alloy Steel B7M Fender Washer, Chromium Moly Steel B16 Fender Washers Exporter, Alloy Steel 2 Fender Washers Supplier, Cr-Mo 2HM Fender Washers Stockist, Alloy Steel 2H Fender Washer, Cr-Mo Gr6 Fender Washers, Chromium Molybdenum GrB7 Fender Washers, CrMo B7M Fender Washers in Mumbai India.

carbon Steel Ogee Washers

Ogee Washers

Alloy Steel B7M Ogee Washer, Chromium Moly Steel B16 Ogee Washers Exporter, Alloy Steel 2 Ogee Washers Supplier, Cr-Mo 2HM Ogee Washers Stockist, Alloy Steel 2H Ogee Washer, Chromium Moly Steel Gr6 Ogee Washers, Chromium Molybdenum GrB7 Ogee Washers, CrMo B7M Ogee Washers in Mumbai India.

Other Types of Alloy Steel Washers

Alloy Steel Plain Washers
Alloy Steel Spring Washers
Alloy Steel Square Washer
Alloy Steel Locking Washer
Cr-Mo Washers stockist
CrMo High Tensile Washers Stockist
Alloy Steel Flat Washer Dealer
Alloy Steel Ogee Washers Exporter
Chrome Moly Steel Fender Washer Stockholder
Alloy Steel Hex Washer Distributors
Chrome Moly Hexagon Washers
Alloy Steel Split Ring Washers Stockist
Alloy Steel Countersunk Washers

Cr-Mo Washers Manufacturer
Chromium Moly Split Washer
Alloy Steel Square Beveled Washers
CrMo Dome Spring Washers Stockholder
Alloy Steel Wave Spring Washers Stockist
ASTM A193 Cr-Mo Star Lock Washer
Alloy Steel Slotted Washers
Alloy Steel Split Washers
Chrome Molybdenum Washers Suppliers
Alloy Steel Hardened Steel Washer Supplier
Chrome Moly Curved Spring Washers
Alloy Steel Hillside Washers

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