Quality Policy


At Pacific Metal Trading Co. Our objective is to provide customers with the highest quality products by ensuring their efficiency, accuracy, safety and value. This dedication is embedded in our corporate values and is vital to our continued growth and success.

We will continue to aim to fulfill our consumers’ needs with the excellent quality of our products and services. We would encourage constant feedback from the customers on the performance of our products and use their input as a way of enhancing the consistency of our products.

We maintain and enhance production standards by developing a “Total Quality” structure to improve the quality control system and achieve high-quality objectives constantly. Our Quality Control System ensures product safety and complete conformity by complying with our rules, values and practices with full transparency. We aim for zero defects and no waste by continually looking for opportunities to apply our quality management strategy to bring a competitive advantage to our clients.

At Pacific Metal Trading Co., all our employees participate and contribute to quality to enable us to consistently deliver products of lasting value to consumers around the world.

We adhere to the relevant standards, regulations and internal requirements and constantly challenge ourselves to improve the quality control system to ensure product compliance, avoid quality incidents and eliminate errors by updating quality objectives and performance on a timely basis.

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