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We Pacific Metal Trading Co. is a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality of Carbon Steel Bolts. We are totally indulging our efforts in the construction of the flawless quality of bolts. Our produced each and every bolts are under all the national and international standard. We also fabricate according to our customers’ requirements with respect to the specified dimensions, thickness, length, shape, size and so on. In order to make accurate bolts, we are making it with full dedication and offering it at a very reasonable cost.

CS Bolts, ASTM A307 CS Bolts, Carbon Steel Bolts, Carbon Steel Machine Bolts Exporter, Carbon Steel Heavy Hex Bolts, Carbon Steel Hollow Hex Bolts, ASME SA 307 Carbon Steel Industrial Bolts Supplier in Mumbai, India.

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This Carbon steel is a very popular material for bolts because of its good tensile strength and ability to bear heavy loads as well. These high qualities of CS Bolts responds very well to the heat-treatments with very minimal work hardening and brittleness. These Carbon Steel Bolts are basically categorized by the amount of carbon in it, which also impacts the properties of the steel bolts. By containing only Low quantity of carbon in Carbon Steel Bolts possess ductility and malleability features. These bolts exhibit very low tensile strength and can be easily hardened through the carbonizing process.

Pacific Metal Trading Co. manufactured high quality of Carbon Steel Bolts are used widely in various industrial sectors such as Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies, Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical industry, Pulp and Paper Industry and many more.

CS Grade A Square Bolts, Carbon Steel U Bolts, Carbon Steel Grade C Lag Bolts, CS Hex Flange Bolts, CS Gr A / B / C Eye Bolts, Carbon Grade A, B, C Bolts Stockist, CS J Bolts, CS Grade B Anchor Bolts, ASME B18.5 Carbon Steel Round Head Bolts Stockist In India.

We at Pacific Metal Trading Co. make usage of highly advanced tools and machinery for the processing of these bolts. We are very much concerned and fabricating these Carbon Steel Bolts according to the needs of our customers and we try our best to complete their needs on time. While product development, we use only the best quality of raw materials to fabricate Carbon Steel Bolts in a bulk amount. In our organization, we have also hired a team of professional experts for strictly guiding all the production phase and developing the same quality of plates.

After manufacturing, we, Pacific Metal Trading Co. conduct various tests and then pack each and every plate using suitable packaging material. We offer delivery to our customers within a very short time usually before the time specified by us.

Carbon steel Bolts

Carbon steel bolts
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    Specifications : ASTM A307 / ASME SA307
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    Standards : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
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    Size : M02 to M33
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    Length : 3 mm to 200 mm
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    From : Hot Forged and Cold Forged
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    Type : Hanger Bolt, Square Lag Bolt, U-Bolt Plates Track Bolt, Exporter Sidewalk Bolt, Custom Bolt, Countersunk Bolt, Square Bolt, U- Bolt, Connector Bolt, Stove Bolt, Special Hook Bolt, 90 Degree Anchor Bolt, Tension Control Bolt, Close Eye Bolt, Shoulder Bolt, Round U Bolt, Exporter Heavy Hex Bolt, Plow Bolt, Penta Bolt, Bolting Materials, Timber Bolt, Hex Bolt, Step Bolt, Hex Lag Bolt, Bin Bolt, Round Headed Bolt, Flange Bolt, Tower Bolt, Step Bolt, Scraper Blade Bolt, Open Eye Bolt, Bent Anchor Bolt, J-Bolt, Hurricane Bolt, Tap Bolt, Toggle Bolt, Carriage Bolt, Square Bolt, Manfacturer Headed Anchor Bolt, Round Bend Hook Bolt, Supplier Square bend Hook Bolt, Timber Spikes Bolt, Coil Bolt, Stockholder Elevator Bolt, Draw Bolt, Structural Bolt, Machine Bolt

Types of Carbon steel Bolts

Carbon Steel U Bolts

U Bolts

Carbon Steel Grade A U Bolt, CS Gr.B U Bolts Exporter, Carbon Steel Gr C U Bolts Supplier, CS Grade B U Bolts Stockist, CS Gr.C U Bolts, Carbon Steel Gr A U Bolts, CS Grade C U Bolts in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel Hex Bolts

Hex Bolts

Carbon Steel Grade A Hex Bolt, CS Gr.B Hex Bolts Exporter, Carbon Steel Gr C Hex Bolts Supplier, CS Grade B Hexagon Bolts Stockist, Carbon Steel Gr.C Hexagon Bolt, CS Gr A Hex Bolts, CS Grade C Hex Bolts in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel Machine Bolts

Machine Bolts

Carbon Steel Grade A Machine Bolt, CS Gr.B Machine Bolts Exporter, Carbon Steel Gr C Machine Bolts Supplier, CS Grade B Machine Bolts Stockist, Carbon Steel Gr.C Machine Bolt, CS Gr A Machine Bolts, CS Grade C Machine Bolts in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel J Bolts

J Bolts

Carbon Steel Gr.A J Bolt, CS Gr B J Bolts Exporter, Carbon Steel Grade A J Bolts Supplier, CS Gr.B J Bolts Stockist, CS Gr C J Bolts, Carbon Steel Grade B J Bolts, CS Gr.C J Bolts in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts

Carbon Steel Eye Bolt, CS Eye Bolts Exporter, Carbon Steel Eye Bolts Supplier, CS Eye Bolts Stockist, CS Eye Bolts, Carbon Steel Eye Bolts, CS Eye Bolts in Mumbai India.

Carbon Steel Carriage Bolts

Carriage Bolts

Carbon Steel Gr A Carriage Bolt, CS Grade C Carriage Bolts Exporter, Carbon Steel Gr.A Carriage Bolts Supplier, CS Gr B Carriage Bolts Stockist, CS Grade A Carriage Bolts, Carbon Steel Gr.B Carriage Bolts, CS Gr C Carriage Bolts in Mumbai India.

Carbon steel Bolts Chemical Composition

Element C Mn Ph Su
Grade A 0.29 1.2 0.04 0.15
Grade B 0.29 1.2 0.04 0.15

Mechanical Properties of Carbon Steel Bolts

Grade Markings Tensile, ksi Yield, min, ksi Elong %, min Hardness
A 307A 60 min - 18 B69-B100
B 307B 60 –100 - 18 B69-B95

Other Types of Carbon Steel Bolts

Carbon Steel Shoulder Bolts
Carbon Steel Hanger Bolts
Carbon Bolts stockist
CS Allen Bolts
Carbon Bolts Suppliers
CS High Tensile Bolts Stockist
Carbon Steel Forged Eyebolts Dealer
CS Toggle Bolts Exporter
CS Slotted Bolts Stockholder
Carbon Hollow Allen Bolts Distributors
Carbon Steel Elevator Bolts
Carbon Steel Allen Bolts

CS Bolts Manufacturer
Carbon Steel Square Head Bolts
CS Penta-Head Bolts
Carbon Steel Track Bolts
Carbon Steel Draw Bolts Stockholder
Carbon Steel Bent Bolts Stockist
ASTM A307 CS Extra Tall Cap Bolts
Carbon Steel Tower Bolts
Carbon Steel Pin-Lock Bolts Supplier
Carbon Full Thread Hex Head Bolts Stockist
Carbon Steel Heavy Hexagon Bolts
Carbon Steel Eye Cap Bolts

Export Countries of Carbon Steel Bolts

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